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Rough Cut Film Festival: Shortlist Announced!

This year’s Oscars will be taking place on February 24, but the Oscars are small potatoes compared to the Lycée’s very own annual film festival, Rough Cut. This Thursday, February 28 at 4:30pm in the auditorium, you are invited to join … LEARN MORE +

Racines and Microhistory

An experiment in genealogy-tracing. LEARN MORE +

Behind the Scenes in the Broadcast Room

Sharing information in a clear and effective way requires a lot of different skills. LEARN MORE +

Q&A with Première Scène Founders: Nathalie Roussel and Frédéric Yvelin

What to expect from our 20th anniversary showcase. LEARN MORE +

Why We Did Not Instagram Our Service Learning Trip: Reflections on Vietnam

Here is what we've learned over the years-long process of building our program in Vietnam. LEARN MORE +