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Sean Lynch | Holding both French and American nationalities, educated in France (Sciences Po Paris) and the United States (Yale), and as the proud husband of a French-American spouse and father of two French-American daughters, Sean Lynch has spent his entire professional and personal life at the junction between the languages, cultures and educational systems of France and the United States. He has been Head of School at the Lycée Français de New York since July 2011, after having spent 15 years at another French bilingual school outside of Paris: the Lycée International de St. Germain-en-Laye. In addition to being passionate about education, he loves everything related to the mountains, particularly the Parc National du Mercantour.

140 Students, One Orchestra

With seven musicians from the world-renowned Philharmonie de Paris as artists in residence this month, our fifth-grade students had a very special opportunity to cultivate their own creativity and to share that experience with others. > more

March 31, 2017 | Cultural Events, Featured, Head of School, Primary

Finding One’s Element

Encouraging students to participate in an "inward" journey of self-discovery and an "outward" journey of interaction with the world sheds light on their paths and vocations for the future. > more

February 28, 2017 | Featured, Head of School

Que Vive le Théâtre!

Outside of school, there was considerable unrest this past weekend, with demonstrations taking place at Battery Park, JFK International Airport and other areas around New York. The atmosphere inside the LFNY last Friday and Saturday was no less turbulent, though … > more

January 31, 2017 | Cultural Events, Featured, Head of School, Primary, Secondary, Uncategorized

The Leaning Tower of… PISA?

Tous les trois ans la sphère du monde de l'Éducation est agitée par la publication du rapport PISA. Qu'est-ce qui se cache derrière ces quatre lettres? La réponse ici...
> more

December 9, 2016 | Featured, Head of School

The Brain: Part One

What do we call a group of brains who form a singing group? And what on earth does this question have to do with teaching and learning? You'll have to click here to find out more... > more

December 3, 2016 | Featured, Head of School, Innovative Teaching

Eile mit Weile*

Nous avons accueilli huit élèves allemands et leurs deux professeurs accompagnateurs au LFNY pendant une quinzaine de jours au début du mois de novembre. Une expérience qui a contribué de mille façons différentes à améliorer notre compréhension de la culture allemande. > more

November 19, 2016 | Bilingualism, Featured, Head of School, Linguistic Exchanges, Primary, Secondary, Uncategorized

Real-World Learning

A reflection on this week's US presidential elections with a look at how to apply our values to address the many questions our students may have.
> more

November 12, 2016 | Featured, Head of School

Manus et Machina

Creating a dialogue and ultimately an integration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics with art, and everything related, lies at the heart of our strategic vision for the coming years, supported by a dynamic combination of new space, new staffing and new learning experiences for our students. > more

November 5, 2016 | Artist in Residence, Arts, Featured, Head of School, Innovative Teaching, Project-based Learning, Secondary

Sous le ciel de Paris

A key priority for the Lycée Français de New York has long been what educators call “place-based education,” meaning learning that extends far beyond the literal and figurative walls of any given classroom and embraces the immediate surroundings in which a school finds itself. > more

October 29, 2016 | Arts, Concerts, Head of School

Once Upon a Time…

With the introduction of project-based learning and a new media lab at the Lycée Français de New York, students will have many stories to tell and myriad ways to tell them. > more

October 21, 2016 | Featured, Head of School, Innovative Teaching, Project-based Learning